Video Tours Help Families Transition to Outpatient Oncology Care

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After receiving a cancer diagnosis and beginning treatment on the inpatient unit, patients and families can be overwhelmed by the idea of going home and continuing care in an outpatient setting. Members of the CHOP Cancer Center team work together to ensure that the transition to outpatient care is smooth and successful. The team now has one more resource to accomplish this.

Video tours help oncology patients transition to outpatient care As discharge approaches, each family attends Oncology Home Management Class, a multidisciplinary family-centered class that focuses on medical and psychosocial aspects of care. That class now includes newly created video tours of the Cancer Center’s three outpatient clinics: in the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care on the Main Campus, and both CHOP Specialty Care and Surgery Centers in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and Voorhees, New Jersey.

In addition, for families transferring their child’s oncology care to CHOP from another hospital, or coming for a second opinion, CHOP intake coordinators now send the links to the videos in advance of the family’s visit.

For the videos, titled “In This Together,” CHOP patients, nurses, and physicians serve as the “tour guides.” The videos allow families to see the facilities’ interiors and better understand what will happen during an outpatient visit. The videos also reinforce the fact that patients receive the exact same care at all three locations, and that we are a collaborative team at the Cancer Center across all locations.

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