Patient-Family Feedback

Effective communication between patients' families and staff is an important part of safe, high-quality healthcare. This commitment to communicate effectively and work with patients and families is our Promise of Partnership at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

By partnering together, the healthcare team and family can each bring their expertise — clinical and patient-based — and provide care as a team.

This teamwork acknowledges that families, however they are defined, are essential to patients' health and well-being. You are our allies for quality and safety within the healthcare system.

Monitoring care

One of the best ways we can monitor the quality of the care experience is by listening to feedback from families like yours and incorporating it into our policies, procedures and daily operations.

If you have a question or concern about your child's hospital experience that cannot be resolved amongst the healthcare team, we encourage you to contact the Department of Family relations at 267-426-6983.

CHOP has several programs that provide unique opportunities for patients, families and staff to share perspectives and work together to ensure valuable feedback is heard and incorporated into strategic plans, programs and projects across the Hospital. You can learn more about these programs on this site.