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We work with our patients, families and communities to promote healthy lifestyles. Some examples include our healthy weight, vaccination, health screening and abuse prevention programs.

Highlighted Breakthroughs

Care Management Interventions Effectively Reduce Hospital Visits for Medically Complex, Medicaid-Insured Patients

Use of Two-dose Rotavirus Vaccine Series to Improve Vaccination Rates

Next Steps

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Managing Children with Sickle Cell Disease and Fever at Home

An initiative was implemented to increase the discharge rate of patients with sickle cell disease to improve the quality of life.

Reducing Albuterol Use in Children with Bronchiolitis

Bronchiolitis is often treated with albuterol, but this is an outdated practice. CHOP implemented an initiative to reduce its usage.

Reducing Time to Antibiotics for Children with Sepsis

A CHOP initiative expedited the process for patients with suspected sepsis to receive antibiotics.