Pulmonary Medicine Research

Current areas of investigation

  • Neurohumoral, cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating airway contractility
  • Airway smooth muscle growth and cell surface receptor expression
  • Regulation of postnatal development and growth of the lung
  • Developmental effects of pulmonary inflammation and oxidative lung injury on airway and pulmonary vascular reactivity
  • Biochemical and molecular regulation of membrane ion channels and glycoprotein structure and function in cystic fibrosis
  • CFTR gene trafficking
  • Maturational changes in chest wall and airway function
  • Pulmonary manifestations of sickle cell disease
  • The physiological basis of ventilator dependence in children with chronic respiratory insufficiency
  • Developmental aspects of respiratory mechanics and ventilatory control

Other areas of applied research

  • Studies on airway reactivity in infants
  • Evaluation of mechanisms of airway hyper-responsiveness in asthma
  • Assessment of mechanisms of the sleep-disorders
  • Pulmonary function abnormalities following lung transplantation
  • Control of ventilation in lung disease
  • Development of new tests of lung function in infants