Vendors Visits

Appointment guidelines

Appointments are required for all visits to CHOP facilities, except for product/device recalls, emergency deliveries, routing pre-arranged visits for deliveries, and on-site contract project work. Unscheduled appointments and drop-in visits are not permitted.

  • For appointments with Supply Chain, please call 267-426-2400 or contact us online.
  • For appointments with Research Supply Chain, call the Research Contract Manager at 215-590-4661.

Vendors are required to register with the Vendor Access Program, and check in and receive a Vendor ID badge upon arrival at any of the Hospital facilities that are part of the Main Campus (Main Hospital, Colket, Abramson and Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care located on the Raymond G. Perelman Campus. When visiting an off-site Hospital facility, vendors are required to comply with the check-in procedures established at such locations.

Exceptions to appointment scheduling requirement

Appointments are not required for visits such as routine deliveries or pickups, including deliveries of office supplies or food products, pickups or deliveries by UPS, Federal Express, or courier services, and on-site consulting or construction work under a long-term engagement.

Disposable medical product/device/drug recalls

Notify the appropriate department:

  • Supply Chain for disposable medical product recalls at 267-426-2400
  • Biomedical Engineering for device recalls at 215-590-1782
  • Pharmacy for drug recalls at 215-590-3835

The department which stores the recalled products, drugs or devices will provide you with a package pass to remove the items.

Emergency deliveries/services

After delivery, please take the packing slips with a valid purchase order number to the Receiving Dock and obtain a signature of a receiver to ensure prompt payment.

Check-in procedures

Main Hospital Campus

Vendors must obtain a vendor ID badge from a designated visitor management station. Stations are located in the Main Hospital, Buerger Center, Colket and Abramson buildings.

Parking is available at numerous public parking lots. For further information, contact the Parking and Transportation department at 215-590-4375, or via email at

Wanamaker and Market Street buildings

You will be asked to sign in at the security desk, and you will be issued a temporary visitor ID badge to be worn at all times while on the premises.

Primary care, specialty care and ambulatory surgical centers

Reception staff will verify your appointment and notify the appropriate employee of your arrival.