Vendor Access Program

The purpose of this program is to provide a safe environment for all patients, visitors and staff by monitoring Hospital access and sales activities associated with the selling of goods, services or equipment to CHOP. It is important to regulate the presence, engagement and movement of vendor representatives, contractor personnel and visitors on CHOP premises to provide a secure environment that protects the efficiency and integrity of physicians, other healthcare providers and employees; supports patient safety, privacy and family-centered care; and maintains the integrity of the procurement process.

There are four classifications of individuals governed by this program, each of which have different credentialing and badging requirements.

Note: These credentialing requirements apply to contracted individuals, regardless of whether the credential administration process is managed by the Vendor Access Program or the Contingent Workforce Management Program.


Employees are members of the administrative, support, medical and research staffs of the Hospital. All employees must obtain a permanent CHOP ID badge from the Security Office. Employees shall display the CHOP ID in a visible location at all times while on CHOP premises.


A visitor is any person on CHOP premises who is not a patient, vendor representative, contractor personnel, CHOP employee or medical staff member. Visitors must obtain a temporary visitor ID badge from a designated visitor management station. This ID will display the visitor’s photo, name, date, time of entry and destination. The visitor is limited to the patient care area that is designated on the temporary visitor ID and may also access public areas such as the cafeteria and gift shops. Visitors shall display the temporary visitor ID in a visible location at all times while on CHOP premises.


A vendor is any vendor representative or contractor personnel that has, or is seeking to enter into, a business relationship with CHOP (e.g., to provide any equipment, product, supply, facility, item or service). Vendors must obtain a vendor ID badge from a designated Security Desk. The vendor is limited to the patient care area that is designated on the vendor ID and may also access public areas such as the cafeteria and gift shops. Vendors shall display the vendor ID badge in a visible location at all times while on CHOP premises.

Clinical temp staff

A clinical temporary worker who requires access to patient care areas in any CHOP building or location.


CHOP's Vendor Access Program streamlines the background check and credentialing process and the management of key information regarding the regulatory and compliance status of vendors. Through this program, vendors can electronically provide the information we need to:

  • Communicate our unique and most current business policies
  • Ensure that we have the most accurate understanding of vendor business, capabilities and contact information
  • Screen business partners, vendors and representatives against state and federal sanction lists
  • Manage access to our facilities and patient care areas, as well as our systems, based on backgrounding, immunization, training and compliance status

Vendors are not permitted to use Hospital resources to disseminate information to Hospital personnel or leave any type of printed or handwritten materials, advertisements or signs in patient care areas or public areas in any Hospital facilities.

Vendors are required to check in and receive a vendor ID badge upon arrival at any of the Hospital facilities that are part of the Philadelphia Campus (Main Hospital, Buerger Center, Colket and Abramson buildings). When visiting an off-site Hospital facility, vendors are required to comply with the check-in procedures established at such locations.

How to register

All vendors and contractors who plan to visit the Main Hospital, Buerger Center, Colket, Karabots, Roberts Center, King of Prussia, and Abramson buildings must register as a vendor with CHOP. An annual registration fee will apply to each representative of your company. Contractors engaged through the Contingent Workforce Management Program will have their access and credentials administered separately.

A Federal Tax Identification Number (FEIN) is required to complete the initial company registration. Individual representatives will need to register and submit additional credentialing requirements that are determined based on a risk profile criteria assigned by CHOP.

Registration support

For Green Security registration or technical support questions, please contact Green Security at 866-750-3373 or

If you have general policy questions or Supply Chain specific questions, send an email to

Green Security Introduction Letter

New product introduction and evaluation

Vendors who wish to present new medical products, devices or equipment to Hospital personnel must be aware that prior to the evaluation or purchase, the appropriate Value Analysis Team must review and approve all items that introduce either new technology or significant change to existing technology to the organization.

This policy applies to all medical devices, disposable products and clinical equipment (approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or not), including any items that have been approved for use by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Please contact the Supply Chain Department to schedule an appointment to detail your company’s products, devices and equipment.