Why Choose Us for Urology

Expertise in pediatric urology

US News Urology Badge The Division of Urology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is consistently ranked one of the top programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report's Best Children’s Hospitals survey for treatment of complex pediatric urologic issues.

Our team is comprised of world leaders in pediatric urology, with experts in minimally invasive surgery, genito-urinary reconstruction, comprehensive management of disorders of sex development, management of the neurogenic bladder, and the treatment of kidney stones and dysfunctional voiding. Our physicians offer the full complement of surgical approaches including laparoscopic, robotic and open surgical procedures.

Years of experience

Ours is one of the first programs of its kind in the nation. Since its founding 50 years ago, the division has revolutionized the field of pediatric urology and pioneered advances that have transformed the lives of children born with complex conditions. Each year, the division’s team performs more than 2,000 surgeries and provides comprehensive care for nearly 20,000 children, some of whom travel from around the world.

Integrated care

CHOP Urology is different from many other pediatric urology practices in that we offer a full complement of services to you and your family. Our team understands that urinary and genital conditions can be painful, challenging to live with, and emotionally devastating for children and families, affecting everything from a child’s ability to control when they urinate to the future fertility of a young adult.

We assess not only a child’s medical and surgical needs but also their psychosocial needs. We have a team of surgeons, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses and clinical psychologists available to help you and your child through any challenges you may face. We also work with your pediatrician, other specialty care physicians and schools to make sure that your child functions to their fullest potential.

Minimally invasive surgery leaders

The Division of Urology is a world leader in minimally invasive surgery, a type of surgery done through small incisions no larger than a grain of rice. We have performed thousands of these minimally invasive procedures ranging from diagnostic endoscopy to laparoscopic/robotic reconstruction for obstruction, reflux and poorly functioning kidneys. We also treat certain kidney stones with endoscopy, laser and shockwaves depending on the stone size and location.

Specialized kidney stone center

The likelihood that a child will develop a kidney stone has doubled over the last 25 years. Our Pediatric Kidney Stone Center was created to address this alarming epidemic. The center is one of the few comprehensive pediatric kidney stone programs in the country and is leading care of and research into this painful, often recurring condition.

Unique surgical skill for complex conditions

Our team has unique skill in the treatment of complex and rare conditions. We have pioneered surgical reconstruction that can significantly improve the long-term outcome and quality of life of children with conditions like bladder exstrophy. In addition to providing comprehensive care at CHOP, we partner with other leading pediatric surgeons to bring the highest level of expertise to children with this condition at multiple sites across the country.

Our surgeons’ specialized skills are recognized worldwide. Our team members often lend their rare expertise to pediatric surgical specialists in developing countries, training local surgeons to provide lifesaving treatments children might otherwise be unable to access.

Making patients an active partner in care

We believe that engaging patients in a developmentally appropriate way is important to their care and long-term outcomes. As children grow, we focus on providing a safe and sound transition for all children who require ongoing care. To help patients and families make this transition successfully, we created the Urology Transitional Care Program.


Scientific research is an integral part of our program. Our goal is to integrate clinical and basic science to improve the outcomes for children with a variety of urological conditions.

We conduct both clinical and basic (laboratory) research through the John Duckett Center for Pediatric Urology, the research arm of our Division. Our discoveries in the laboratory are translated into new therapies. At the same time, our clinical research enables us to fine-tune the way we care for children with urologic abnormalities.

Current areas of research include:

Advancing treatments

The Division of Urology has pioneered reconstructive surgical procedures used throughout the world. Our team continues to develop and refine surgical approaches for complex conditions, using minimally invasive, microsurgical and robotic techniques.

Next Steps
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Your Child's Urology Surgery

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Clinical Research

To provide optimal care, we are constantly seeking to better understand the conditions we treat and how our interventions affect outcomes.

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