Urology Transitional Care Program

As patients with complex urologic conditions transition from pediatric to adult medical care, it is important that the care they receive remains effective and streamlined.

To help patients and families make this transition successfully, the Division of Urology at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) created the Urology Transitional Care Program.

The program is a collaboration between CHOP and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP). Caleb Kovell, MD, an adult reconstructive urologist from HUP, will work closely with adolescent and young adult patients at CHOP as they begin to transition their care to adult facilities at HUP.

Meeting a need

As our patients grow older and prepare to transfer to adult healthcare providers, they often find their options limited. Many urologists who care for adults have little training in complex congenital anomalies, which may leave patients with fragmented, less comprehensive care.

To address this problem and ensure that children followed in our clinic receive the best possible care as adults, the Urology Transitional Care Program focuses on patients with complex conditions that may have lifelong effects. These include, but are not limited to:

Our team will work closely with patients and families to create a transition plan that is right for each patient. Given the individualized care that the CHOP and HUP teams provide, the age at which the transition to adult care occurs may vary. We will work together to determine what works best for each patient. Regardless of when this happens, their pediatric urologist will stay in contact with them and remain a part of their care, even after they fully transition into adult care.

This process will enable a smoother transition, better collaboration between providers, and improved outcomes for urology patients reaching adulthood.

If a patient sees multiple specialists, our team will work closely with the Multidisciplinary Intervention Navigation (MINT) team within CHOP's Transition to Adulthood Program to help them successfully navigate their transition of care.

Through our ongoing collaboration, it is our goal to continue to improve care coordination and long-term quality of life for our patients. We hope to establish new and improved clinical care models to help deliver the best possible care to our patients as they transition into adulthood and well into the future.

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