Limited Visitor Procedures in Effect

mother holding daughter Beginning Dec. 2, 2019, and going through April 2020, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia asks families to limit the number of people who visit their children at the hospital. Our limited visitor procedures, which are in place during this traditional "sick season," can help your child and others in the Hospital avoid catching the flu or a respiratory infection from someone visiting CHOP.

Family members or friends wouldn't knowingly come to the Hospital if they were sick, but they can spread germs without even realizing it. People can be contagious with influenza 24 hours before they show any symptoms of being ill. The surest way to reduce the chance of someone accidently bringing infection into CHOP is to limit the number of people coming to visit at the Hospital.

Families can designate up to four additional healthy visitors

When a new patient is admitted to CHOP during this time of the year, the child's parents or primary caregivers can designate four additional healthy people who can visit. These four visitors are in addition to the patient's parents/primary caregivers (including stepparents) and the patient's healthy siblings and stepsiblings, who can visit at any time, as long as they are not sick.

The names of the designated visitors will be available at the Welcome Desk. When any of your four visitors come to see your child, their names will be confirmed at the Welcome Desk. Visitors who are not on a patient's designated support persons list will not be able to visit the Hospital during this time.

CHOP will continue to require all visitors 18 and older — even if they are on your designed list of visitors — to show photo identification as they enter the Hospital and obtain a visitor ID badge. Sometimes we restrict or deny access to the Hospital based on data provided by law enforcement officials. It's all about keeping our patients safe.

Employee flu vaccinations also protect your child 

Another way Children's Hospital works to keep the flu out of the Hospital is to require all employees who work in any CHOP building where patients are treated to get the flu vaccine. This allows you to feel confident that everyone at CHOP is doing their part to keep your child safe.

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