Quality and Patient Safety in Our Residency Program

Residents partake in a quality improvement and patient safety curriculum, which includes experiences throughout the three years of residency.

Intern year

A small-group workshop introduces residents to QI tools and methodology. They also participate in an interactive seminar to review the elements of patient safety using shared experiences to drive the discussion.

Second year

During their primary care rotation, residents identify and plan an individual performance improvement project via an interactive worksheet, and receive written guidance and feedback from QI faculty.

Third year

Residents have the opportunity to actively participate in Acute Cause Analyses and Morbidity and Mortality Conferences.

PL-2 and PL-3 year (optional)

Resident Advanced Skills Program in Quality and Patient Safety: A two-year intensive QI/PS experience with dedicated improvement advisors to teach QI concepts and tools, use of well-established resources such as the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School for self-learning, and a clinical mentor.

These residents complete a self-assessment, objective assessment using the Quality Improvement Knowledge Assessment Tool, and application-based assessment via participation in a longitudinal QI project.

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How to Apply

Residents are selected through the National Resident Matching Program. You must apply using the ERAS System. Deadline for submissions is Nov 15.

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Why Choose Us?

CHOP's Pediatrics Residency Program offers a balanced, flexible and supportive experience in a top ranked children's hospital. Residents train in cutting-edge facilities, surrounded by world-renowned faculty.