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Make the Diagnosis: Fall 2019

child's eyes

A 10-month-old female infant underwent neuro-ophthalmic evaluation for a new-onset lid ptosis and pupillary miosis on the right side. There was no history of birth trauma. Vision, eye movements, fundi, and general examination were normal.

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Yes, Young Boys can Develop Graves Disease

Published on in Children's Doctor

Patient is active and doing well on medication.

A 5-year-old boy presents for an annual well visit. His parents report he has recently had an increased appetite along with increased energy levels and that he constantly complains about being warm with occasional complaints that his heart is “beating fast.”

Alumni Notes Fall 2019

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Dr. Christian will be co-hosting the CHOP Alumni Reception along with Dr. St. Geme during the annual Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting and looks forward to catching up and reporting back.