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Make the Diagnosis: Spring 2021

A bright 16-year-old high school freshman overdue for a well visit turns a 5-minute encounter into a 2-hour holistic visit.

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Alumni Notes Summer 2021

Published on in Children's Doctor

I think we are seeing the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel—I sure hope so! It’s been a long slog, but I hope all of you are safe and happy and well.

Disparities in Asthma Outcomes: Personal Touch Can Make a Difference

Published on in Children's Doctor

A few years before Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia launched the Community Asthma Prevention Program (CAPP) in 1997, our colleagues in the Emergency Department sent weekly tallies of how many patients from CHOP’s original off-site primary care practice at 39th Street came to the ED for asthma-related problems.

Make the Diagnosis: Summer 2021

Published on in Children's Doctor

Five-year-old “Peter” presented to Clinical Genetics following evaluations by 27 subspecialists who were unable to provide his two physician parents with a unifying diagnosis to explain his seemingly disparate constellation of findings. But Peter’s parents were relentless in attempting to resolve their son’s diagnostic odyssey.

News at CHOP: Summer 2021

Published on in Children's Doctor

The Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress (CPTS) at CHOP has published a paper in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology that reports on the COVID-19 Exposure and Family Impact Scales (CEFIS) it had created in the first few weeks of the pandemic.