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Make the Diagnosis: Spring 2014

Published on

A 14-year-old boy presented to Urgent Care for a skin lesion on his right foot which has been present for 3 weeks. It originally was swollen and itchy. Then after wearing wet sneakers, it became ring-like.

Lessons from International Patients

Published on

An international patient story of care coordination at its most complex, from Trude Haecker, MD, and Cathy Timko, MSN, CRNP.

Small Bump, Big Problem

Published on

Read a case study from the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation about a 5-year-old male who tripped and fell in gym class, his diagnosis of left thalamic stroke, and the cause of the sudden injury.

Care for Medical Needs — and More

Published on

The (IAHP) is one of few programs in the nation experienced in supporting children and families before, during, and after adoption.

Healing More than the Physical Injury

Published on

Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD, talks about how pediatric health practitioners play a crucial role in recognizing and addressing PTS reactions in our injured patients.

Make the Diagnosis: Winter 2014

Published on

A premorbidly healthy 5-year-old male tripped and fell in his gym class at school while chasing a ball. He hit his head on bleachers. He did not lose consciousness, but was reportedly dazed when he saw the school nurse.

When a Mother’s Worry Is Something More

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Maternal depression may adversely impact mother-child bonding and child development. Catherine Bonita, MD, talks about her experiences caring for patient families confronting this issue.