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Talking Sex with Toddlers

Published on

Cindy W. Christian, MD, director of Safe Place: The Center for Child Protection and Health, and medical director of the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, talks about how the best weapon against pedophiles and sexual predators is helping families understand the importance of knowledge and communication.

All in the Family

Published on

Read a case study from the Cancer Center about a 15-year-old girl, previously healthy, whose family shares a history of cancer.

Make the Diagnosis: Winter 2013

Published on

A 14-year-old female presents for a routine sports physical. She is a long-time patient of your practice and has been previously healthy, to include normal growth and development and onset of menses at 12 years of age. On exam you notice a mass in her anterior neck, midway between her chin and clavicles.

Saying Goodbye

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No amount of preparation can get you ready for saying goodbye. Jason Freedman, MD, shares the first time he had to tell a patient he would die of his cancer.