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News at CHOP: Fall 2023

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Stay up to date on the latest research and staff news from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Make the Diagnosis: Fall 2023

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Can you solve this medical mystery? Review the baby’s presentation and make the diagnosis.

Headaches: When to Worry, When to Treat

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Children as young as 5 can have migraine headaches. Clue to a diagnosis and what you can do to help minimize pain and recurrence.

Alumni Notes, Fall 2023

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The CHOP Alumni Organization created a new recognition, the Patrick Pasquariello Service Award. See who was honored with the inaugural award.

News at CHOP: Summer 2023

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In promising news for young toddlers with peanut allergies, a new study involving researchers from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia found that daily use of a “peanut patch” for 1 year was effective in desensitizing a majority of peanut-allergic toddlers, lessening the likelihood of an allergic reaction upon accidental exposure.

Pediatric Reflections: Summer 2023

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With kinship care on the rise, primary care pediatricians can play an important role in ensuring children living in these arrangements maintain and improve their health. Check out the resources the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the American Academy of Pediatrics have provided to help PCPs.