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Age of Opportunity

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Even as toy phones are replaced with cell phones, growing adolescents continue to look to their parents for guidance, support and unconditional love. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

An Incubator for Success

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Christina Master, MD with patient

Concussion Care for Kids is a pre-eminent source of information for pediatricians, schools, coaches, families and others, one of many initiatives funded by CHOP's Chair’s Initiatives.

Hospitality on the Go

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Our multilingual hospitality navigators help families arrange for transportation, secure nearby housing, and handle the other parts of life that keep going despite a child’s hospitalization.

Doubling Down on a Sure Investment

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photo of sarah lustgarten

The Bramans' second $5 million donation will significantly grow the staff of the Center for GI Motility and pioneer a new program to better assist young adults as they move from pediatric to adult care.