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Why We Give

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Why We Give - Savetts

The Savetts are not a patient family at CHOP, yet they wanted to do something when their daughter, Rachel, died suddenly 23 years ago from anaphylactic shock.

A Day in the Life

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Anne Ades, MD, MSEd

Anne Ades, MD, MSEd, serves as Medical Co-Director of CHOP’s Center for Simulation, Advanced Education and Innovation, which uses computerized medical manikins to teach medical procedures. This is a day in her life.

The Flame of Discovery Burns Brightly

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The Flame of Discovery Burns Brightly - Liver

For 22 years, collaborative research at CHOP’s Biesecker Pediatric Liver Center has been changing the future for children with serious liver diseases.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - Evan outside

The Movement Disorders Program is one of the only programs of its kind in the country and provides life-changing results.

Restoring Reality

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Jerome Taylor, MD, and Alexander Moxam, MD,

CHOP’s First Episode Psychosis Program offers collaborative therapies that put youth on paths to better outcomes.

‘She Was Perfect in That Role’

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She Was Perfect in That Role - Colena Johnson, DVM, and Calvin Johnson, MD

The children of Vera Barksdale Johnson, CHOP’s first Emergency Department social worker, celebrate her joyful life and groundbreaking career through philanthropy.

Why I Give

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Why I Give - Nancy Andrews

Nancy Andrews shares her story about how her son’s multiple surgeries at CHOP inspired her family to give back.

Steering Teens Toward Safety

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steering teens toward safety

A multimillion-dollar gift from NJM is helping young drivers — and everyone on the road — stay safer.

Fighting Through the Pain

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Alexa working through therapy

Debilitating pain without a known injury can strike some of the most driven and high-achieving youth. A CHOP program offers support, treatment and relief.