A Path Through the Unknown: How CHOP’s Unique Model for Predicting COVID-19 Spread is Helping the Country Navigate the Pandemic

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Learn how CHOP’s unique model for predicting COVID-19 spread is helping the country navigate the pandemic.

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Meet Roy Takei, MD

Published on in CHOP News

Ryosuke (Roy) Takei, MD

Ryosuke (Roy) Takei, MD, is the Medical Director of Pediatric Hospital Medicine for CHOP’s new King of Prussia Hospital (KOPH). 

Strengthening the Core Curriculum

Published on in CHOP News

A third year rheumatogy fellow at CHOP is studying ways to build a more cohesive and transferrable core curriculum for pediatric residents and fellows at 25 U.S. institutions.

Meet Andrea Anderson, MD

Published on in CHOP News

Andrea Anderson, MD

Meet Andrea Anderson, MD, one of the Emergency Department physicians who will practice at CHOP’s King of Prussia Hospital. 

Meet Andrea Bradford, MD

Published on in CHOP News

Andrea Bradford, MD

Meet Andrea Bradford, MD, one of the Hospital Medicine specialists who will care for patients in CHOP’s King of Prussia Hospital (KOPH).