Homeless Health Initiative Annual Report

In 1988, the Homeless Health Initiative (HHI) began to meet the healthcare needs of children residing in nearby shelters. See how HHI is adapting to changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic in HHI's 2021 Annual Report.

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Motherhood Seen Through Different Eyes

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Loving, nurturing and feeding your baby is important to any mother,but how much more challenging is it for a mother living in shelter with a newborn?

In My Own Backyard

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While it seems that most families in Mercer County are living comfortably, there are countless invisible families struggling to find food and shelter and also seeking quality primary care and emergency services for their children.

Muhammad’s Reflections

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In fall 2014, Kheli Muhammad held a three-part series with a goal of empowering the mothers to envision their future. During this series, mothers at the Jane Addams shelter constructed vision/dream boards as a way to make their goals and dreams more tangible.

HHI Research

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Child development researchers J.J. Cutuli from Rutgers University-Camden and Janette Herbers from Villanova University are working in collaboration with the Homeless Health Initiative to better understand the impact of HHI-affiliated programs on the well-being of children experiencing family homelessness.

Holiday Celebrations 2013

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We at the Homeless Health Initiative felt grateful to be able to coordinate and connect hundreds of donors and volunteers to families in need at multiple emergency housing shelters around Philadelphia over the holidays in 2013.