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The Road Best Taken

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Rhyan Sickle Cell patient smiling

At CHOP, highly experienced experts who are up to date on the latest scientific literature work together to develop clinical pathways for treating various conditions.

CHOP Speakers in the UAE

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CHOP clinicians are constantly making discoveries that they want to share with colleagues around the world. Several times a year, they attend conferences in other countries to share best practices and research, explore opportunities for new collaborations, and learn about other healthcare systems. Read about their latest visit to the UAE.

Case Study: Beyond High BP — Thorough Evaluation

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Early recognition and treatment of hypertension in childhood has the potential to reduce adverse cardiovascular events later in life. In this case study, the author offers guidance on when a referral to CHOP’s Hypertension and Vascular Evaluation (HAVE) Program may be warranted.

Mapping the Brain to Optimize Epilepsy Surgery

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brain mapping

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is one of only a handful of pediatric hospitals in the country to offer transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to localize the epileptogenic and sensorimotor cortical regions in order to improve family counseling regarding epilepsy surgery and help surgeons avoid those areas when operating. 

CHOP Neonatologist to Receive Order of Canada

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Barbara Schmidt, MD, FRCP(C), MSc, an attending neonatologist in the Division of Neonatology at CHOP and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, recently learned she will receive the Order of Canada. This honor is similar to receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civil award in United States.