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Vaccine News & Notes — May 2020

Published on in Parents PACK

Learn about a new book by Dr. Paul Offit. Participate in the Hilleman essay contest. Find out about some online games, and access COVID-19 resources.

Vaccine News & Notes — April 2020

Published on in Parents PACK

Find out what we can learn from the 1918 influenza pandemic. Access trusted resources about COVID-19. And watch videos on how viruses attack the cells and how they reproduce.

Feature Article: Wondering about Coronavirus?

Published on in Parents PACK

Find information about coronavirus in the March 2020 issue of Parents PACK, including: What it is, why it is such a big deal, what scientists and public officials are doing, and what the public can do.

Vaccine News & Notes — March 2020

Published on in Parents PACK

Check out Vaccinate Your Family's 2020 State of the ImmUnion report. Find out about mumps cases in the U.S. in 2020. Learn about the shingles vaccine for those 50 or older.

Vaccine News & Notes — February 2020

Published on in Parents PACK

Dr. Plotkin answers questions about vaccines in a new video series. A new app helps users sort facts from fiction. The VEC has been recognized as a credible source for vaccine information on Pinterest, and more.