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Just the Vax Trivia Corner

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What famous author nearly died after intentionally exposing himself to a friend who had measles? Find out.

Vaccine News & Notes — September 2023

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With fall around the corner, check out which vaccines you or your family members may need. Also, read an article about vaccine-related developments since 2005, the year in which the greatest vaccinologist in history passed away.

Dr. Handy’s Corner: Pneumococcal Vaccine & Adults

Published on

Listen to Dr. Handy as she describes why pneumococcus can be a problem for some adults and find out more about the vaccines, including recent changes to vaccine recommendations.

Vaccine News & Notes — August 2023

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Check out the new STEM careers booklet; learn more about the history of public health & why chronic underfunding threatens us all, and watch Dr. Handy's video about RSV.

Dr. Handy’s Corner — RSV: What Is It?

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Respiratory syncytial virus on blocks

In this short video, Dr. Handy describes respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and exciting developments in the fight to protect the most vulnerable from this winter virus.

Vaccine News & Notes — July 2023

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Watch "Marion Gruber: Preparedness Is Prevention," a film that showcases Dr. Gruber’s years working as a scientist at the FDA.