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CHOP at a Glance – 2016

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young boy playing outside

The new South Philadelphia Community Health and Literacy Center, which houses a CHOP primary care facility, a city health center for adults, a library branch and a recreation center, and the two new gardens are just two examples of CHOP's comprehensive approach to health and dedication to innovation.

Signature Events A Year in Review

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Healthy Girls

Each year, signature events are held to benefit The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. See the wonderful ways these events have touched the lives of kids who rely on Children's Hospital for care, cures and hope.

The House that Generosity Built

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Buerger Center

Walking into the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care is a jaw-dropping experience. More than 4,100 donors who believed so strongly in providing the best possible outpatient care for children that they put their money where their heart is and contributed to the Building Hope Campaign. A $50 million leadership gift from the Buerger family started things off in spectacular fashion.

Raymond G. Perelman Bestows Landmark Gift

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Perelman Campus

Well-known philanthropist Raymond G. Perelman is helping to ensure that the pace of discovery at CHOP accelerates. In January, we were honored to announce a transformative $50 million gift from him — equal to the largest gift in CHOP’s history.

Hope in Full Bloom

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Daisy Days

This May, we celebrated the return of Daisy Days to its grassroots origins by inviting community groups, local businesses, schools and individuals to plan creative ways to fundraise for CHOP.

Generations of Giving

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Grandparents fund

While grandparents have always provided compassionate care inside and outside of medical settings, there is now an opportunity for CHOP grandparents to band together through philanthropy.

Fundraising Pages Inspire Communities

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Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular method of raising money from a large number of people, typically by way of online donations. At Children’s Hospital, it has become an effective grassroots advocacy tool for research and clinical funding. Many people use CHOP’s fundraising pages to campaign for funds that can further treatments for the diseases affecting their family members and friends.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

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Twice Born

"TWICE BORN: Stories from the Special Delivery Unit," the gripping three-part series, aired by PBS in March 2015, shares the stories of four families with high-risk pregnancies who journey to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia from across the country for help and hope not available elsewhere.