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The House that Generosity Built

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Buerger Center

Walking into the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care is a jaw-dropping experience. More than 4,100 donors who believed so strongly in providing the best possible outpatient care for children that they put their money where their heart is and contributed to the Building Hope Campaign. A $50 million leadership gift from the Buerger family started things off in spectacular fashion.

Raymond G. Perelman Bestows Landmark Gift

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Perelman Campus

Well-known philanthropist Raymond G. Perelman is helping to ensure that the pace of discovery at CHOP accelerates. In January, we were honored to announce a transformative $50 million gift from him — equal to the largest gift in CHOP’s history.

Hope in Full Bloom

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Daisy Days

This May, we celebrated the return of Daisy Days to its grassroots origins by inviting community groups, local businesses, schools and individuals to plan creative ways to fundraise for CHOP.