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Improving Your Child’s Oral Hygiene Routine

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So much of our family morning routines can be stressful with getting dressed, eating and getting out the door in a timely manner. This may sound very similar to the nighttime routine: eating, bathing, getting dressed and going to bed in a timely manner.

Something for Everyone

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Yacine and Family

The NDSC conference offers programs that will teach you something new, events where you can meet others who have shared in similar experiences and opportunities for memory making.

What's behind “The Lucky Few” Tattoo?

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The Lucky Few Tattoo

The tattoo is meant to be placed in an obvious spot to start a conversation about Down syndrome to spread awareness, promote inclusion, and educate others.

Learning the Latest; Gaining Empowerment

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The annual NDSC Convention provides an opportunity for parents and family members, self-advocates, community advocates and professionals to learn the latest information on Down syndrome.

My Sister Eve

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Having a sister with Down syndrome has taught one young woman more about life than school ever could. She shares her sister's teachings.

Exploring Learning and Memory in Down Syndrome

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Researchers from Drexel University are leading several studies that aim to understand how children with Down syndrome learn and how to most effectively provide early intervention.