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Keeping Family at the Center of Care

Published on in In Utero Insights

CHOP's team of clinical coordinators, social workers, child life specialists and psychologists works together to ensure families carrying a baby with CDH feel mentally and emotionally supported every step of the way.

Outcomes in CDH Survivors

Published on in In Utero Insights

In 2010 CHOP published early neurodevelopmental outcomes of CDH survivors initially enrolled in our program. Read about the outcomes here.

Care of the Surgical Neonate

Published on in In Utero Insights

To help prepare the obstetric and neonatal surgery teams for deliveries of high-risk fetuses, the Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit at CHOP has developed a program using simulation, a powerful educational tool that uses manikins to mimic real-life situations.

Comprehensive Care for Twin Pregnancies

Published on in In Utero Insights

Successful diagnosis and treatment of fetal complications in twin pregnancies require an experienced team with cutting-edge diagnostic techniques, advanced surgical skill and a comprehensive approach to care.