Loss Resources

If you have experienced a loss in pregnancy or loss of a child, we hope you’ll find these resources helpful to you during this difficult time.

Emotional healing

Taking care of yourself is important when experiencing a loss. Find recommendations for self-care, information to help you understand some of the thoughts and emotions you might experience, and where to turn for help if you need it.

Partners in grief

Pregnancy loss affects the entire family system. As a partner or support person, it can be challenging to balance your own emotions of loss. It's important to take time to reflect and become aware of your own feelings.

Next steps

There will be many personal decisions to make in the days, weeks and months after a pregnancy loss. Although these topics can be difficult to discuss, these resources can help you prepare for some of these steps.

Physical healing

Find information about expected recovery and signs of complications after a pregnancy loss.

Talking with children

These resources offer suggestions for talking to and supporting your child/children following a loss.

Additional resources

There are many more books, web resources and videos that may help you during this time.

  • Books for adults
  • Impact of the CFDT Perinatal Palliative Care and Bereavement Program: A Provider/Parent Panel: In this video, a panel of parents who experienced the loss of their baby shortly after birth discuss the impact of the Perinatal Palliative Care and Bereavement Program.
  • Bereaved Parents of the USA (BP/USA): National nonprofit led by bereaved parents. The organization provides support, resources, gatherings and a newsletter for bereaved parents and families.
  • The Compassionate Friends (TCF): For more than 40 years, TCF has been providing national support and education to families who have lost a child. Through support groups, and local, national and international events, TCF is committed to supporting parents and families through their grief.
  • Grieving.com : An online community, active for more than 17 years, focused on grief support. There is a blog specifically for miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss.
  • The MISS Foundation : Online support community for families facing the death of a child. Multiple online forums (e.g., dads, grandparents, infertility challenges, perinatal diagnosis, Spanish speaking, children’s page, etc.) to connect with others who have experienced the death of a baby. This organization helps families find support and resources and offers monthly newsletters and educational links for families.
  • Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death: M.E.N.D. is a Christian, non-profit organization that reaches out to families who have suffered the loss of a baby. They provide a free bi-monthly newsletters, hold commemorative ceremonies, and host a variety of support groups throughout the nation.
  • Perinatal Hospice: Perinatal Hospice is an online resource for expectant families who plan to continue their pregnancy with a baby with a terminal diagnosis.
  • Recover from Grief : This website contains many ideas on how to creatively channel your grief into artwork, music, poetry, writing and other activities. There are also many pages of resources and education to explore, as well as an online community of other grieving parents.
  • Star Legacy Foundation: This website is dedicated to providing education, resources, community and volunteer opportunities to parents who have lost a baby, as well as their families and friends. There is also a memorial page where families can add their baby to the Stars page and write a testimony about their child.
  • Twinless Twins Support Group, Intl.: Twinless Twins Support Group helps twins and other multiples who have lost their twin by providing a safe and compassionate community for twinless twins to experience healing and understanding.

Next Steps
Pregnant Mom with Dad Hands on Belly

Perinatal Palliative Care and Bereavement

CHOP offers perinatal palliative care services to support families who learn that their baby is at high risk of dying either before or shortly after birth.

Kate and her older brother

Supporting Families Through the Storm

The CHOP care team helped Janessa and Matt prepare for the loss of one daughter, while finding joy in welcoming another.