Adolescent & Young Adult Oncology Program

Teenagers who are being treated for cancer have emotional and social needs that are different than their younger counterparts. They're facing a frightening diagnosis and treatment during what is already a time of great physical, social and emotional change. For these patients, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offers unique resources that are tailored to meet the needs of adolescents and young adults. This is the Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) Oncology Program.

AYA Patient Steering Committee

The AYA Patient Steering Committee is made up of adolescent and young adult cancer patients and survivors, as well as psychosocial and child life specialists from CHOP. The group addresses the unique concerns of AYAs and provides a community for children in this age group who have been treated for cancer. Their goals are to:

  • Establish connections with other AYAs treated for cancer through various means.
  • Promote awareness of adolescent and young adult cancer in the community.
  • Increase awareness of and promotion of resources available for AYAs.
  • Provide mentorship to newly diagnosed patients and younger AYAs.
  • Change the hospital environment to make it more AYA-friendly.
  • Assess the wants and needs of the broader AYA cancer community.
  • Fundraise to increase AYA resources and programming and help other causes.

Programming for teens with cancer

A number of CHOP programs cater to teens and young adults with cancer. Some were developed for the Cancer Center by the AYA committee and others are available hospital-wide.

Facebook discussion group

The AYA Committee created a private Facebook group for adolescent and young adult cancer patients treated at CHOP. It's a place to discuss all things cancer: the experience of diagnosis, the challenges of treatment, life before and after cancer and much more. Contact the Oncology Psychosocial Services Program online to request an invitation to this group.

Teen lounge

Teens who are at the Wood Center for treatment can now spend their down time in one of our new teen-friendly lounges (outpatient on 4 Wood, inpatient on 3 East). These spaces are away from the main waiting area, and set up for older patients to gather on the couch and watch TV, play PlayStation, read and talk.

Art and music

Art and music therapists with expertise in AYA lead individual and group therapy sessions in the Wood Center. Our Artist-in-Residence is on the unit once a week to make art with patients of all ages.

A $50,000 gift from seven-time GRAMMY® winner Taylor Swift, was used to create specialized programming for teens treated at CHOP’s Cancer Center. The first initiative is a high-tech music therapy cart for teens to create and produce their own music while they go through cancer treatment.

Seacrest Studios

Seacrest Studios is an interactive broadcast multi-media center housed in the Colket Atrium that offers many opportunities for AYA involvement: 

  • Be the DJ
  • Interview celebrities
  • Attend live broadcasts
  • Request songs
  • Compete in the annual Battle of the Bands

Survivor Summit Camp

The 2019 Survivor Summit Camp for young adult cancer survivors will be held July 8-13 at Echo Hill Outdoor School in Worton, Maryland. Echo Hill is known for having some of the best outdoor programming on the east coast–and we are thrilled to partner with them. While at Echo Hill, participants will have the option to tackle a challenge course, explore the Chesapeake Bay, set out on overnight canoeing trips, participate in nightly activities, or just take down time in a beautiful location! They will also get to hear from inspiring cancer survivors, who will share their stories in the hopes of inspiring our campers! The Camp will accommodate 15 participants. The entire camp will take place in partnership with both trained Echo Hill Outdoor School guides, and an onsite support team from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.