Integrative Oncology Program

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, many families ask about options in addition to traditional medicine for managing symptoms, coping with treatment side effects and improving their child’s quality of life. “Integrative health” is a term to describe therapies and practices that combine conventional and complementary approaches to address the medical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of health and illness. Acupuncture, massage and yoga are examples of integrative health. These services are provided with CHOP's Integrative Health Program

Integrative Oncology Services at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Why Choose Us?

The Integrative Oncology team is here to support you and your child during your cancer journey. Research shows that integrative modalities, including therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy and massage can be beneficial in improving overall quality of life during cancer care. 

What integrative health can and cannot do

There is no evidence that integrative therapies can cure cancer or cause remission. A child still needs conventional medical treatment for cancer. Certain integrative therapies not included here can interfere with cancer treatment and may have risks. Talk with your healthcare providers before starting any integrative therapy on your own.

For more information

To schedule a personalized consultation about integrating a holistic approach into your treatment and recovery, and to learn more about integrative oncology, call 267-426.0762 or email For more information about how to access these therapies and practices, consult your care team or visit the Integrative Health website.

Our Team

Our team is focused on offering integrative therapies that are evidence-based, from providers who are trained in caring for pediatric patients.

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