Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit

The Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit is equipped to support the complex care delivered to children who receive blood and marrow transplants, and is designed to make extended stays at the Hospital easier for the entire family.

Patient rooms

The BMT unit is bright and spacious, with 15 updated patient rooms featuring: 

  • Sunny views and natural light from the atrium and the outdoors
  • Space for caregivers to stay comfortably overnight in their child’s room
  • New, slimmer TVs that open up more space for the patient, family and care team
  • A computer that can be used by patients and families

Amenities for families

Several common areas are incorporated into the design of the BMT unit to make long inpatient stays more pleasant. Families will enjoy:

  • A new playroom. This space is designed to accommodate children of all ages, with a table that raises and lowers for ease of use by patients of all sizes. Toys and games are provided for younger children, and a Wii and computer station are available for teens and young adults. 
  • A new family lounge. This space, decorated with patient artwork, features a larger kitchen for storing and preparing food, and offers a quiet place for families to relax and talk outside of the child’s room.
  • Two new Nourishment Rooms. These two rooms are designed to give each side of the unit an additional place to store food for children and families. This is also where CHOP-delivered meals are kept.

Improving patient care

Many features of the Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit support the clinical staff so they can probide the best possible care for complex BMT cases. 

  • Centralized medicine and supply room. All the medications and supplies required for the complex care of BMT patients are stored on the unit so staff members never have to leave the floor.
  • Infection and disease prevention. All BMT rooms meet the requirements for air filtration and circulation that help prevent infection and disease in immunocompromised patients.
  • Touch-down space. There is now dedicated space on the unit for the attending physician to do office work. There is a physician on the unit at all times.