Dance Medicine

Young girl doing ballet stretch Dance Medicine is a unique niche under the umbrella of sports medicine. Dancers are considered performance athletes, whose training makes them susceptible to distinct types of injuries, both acute and chronic.

At the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, our specialists are trained to care for the youth and adolescent dancer, both male and female. The team understands the physical and technical demands of dance and values the athleticism required.

We incorporate a multidisciplinary team approach in the care of each dancer which may include physical therapists, primary care sports medicine physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, and sports nutrition depending on the needs of each dancer. Our team is dedicated to educating professional, student and recreational dancers on preventing dance related injuries and returning them to dance with minimal time lost.   

Rehabilitation for dancers

During a dance medicine evaluation, dancers will receive a thorough and complete physical therapy evaluation that will identify any musculoskeletal deficiencies and impairments. Our therapists will complete a detailed dance history and comprehensive physical examination focusing on the neuromotor, biomechanical and physiologic aspects of dance.
Following the evaluation, the physical therapist will develop a unique treatment plan to address the dancer’s specific needs.

Treatment may incorporate: flexibility, manual therapy, neuromuscular control, and functional strengthening, stabilization and plyometrics within dance specific movements. Our physical therapists are trained to identify improper technique specifically related to dance as well as other functional imbalances that may impact a dancer’s movement pattern.  

Community-based services

Our team is available to provide information sessions on dance injury prevention that would be beneficial to dancers, teachers and parents at local dance studios or schools. Call 215-590-1527 or contact us online for more information