Department of Neurodiagnostics

Services provided by the Department of Neurodiagnostics, part of the Department of Nursing & Clinical Care Services at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, include both outpatient neurodiagnostic electroencephalographic (EEG) procedures and inpatient neurodiagnostic epilepsy monitoring.

In the Outpatient Neurodiagnostic EEG Laboratory, located on the 10th floor of the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care, we offer:

  • Routine outpatient EEG study
  • Sleep deprived outpatient EEG study
  • Awake and Asleep outpatient EEG study
  • Outpatient 4 hr. Video Telemetry study
  • Outpatient Ambulatory/Video Ambulatory studies
  • Outpatient Neonatal EEG study
  • Research
  • Evoke Potentials - BAER, VER and SER’s

In the Inpatient Neurodiagnostic EMU (Epilepsy Monitoring Unit), located in on the 9th floor of the Main Hospital, we offer:

  • Inpatient Continuous long-term monitoring (LTM) study
  • Inpatient 4-12 hour long term monitoring study
  • ICU/ECMO monitoring
  • Phase I pre-surgical monitoring
  • Electrocorticography
  • Brain Stimulation mapping
  • Phase II monitoring following surgical implantation of electrodes
  • Research
  • Telemed monitoring

Our Electroencephalographic Technologists are graduates of programs accredited by the American Society of Neurodiagnostic Technologists, (ASET). They are credentialed by the ABRET-Neurodiagnostic Credentialing and Accreditation.