Patient Media and Broadcasting Program

What are patient media and broadcasting services?

The Patient Media and Broadcasting Program is a part of the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department. These services include multimedia and broadcasting services and one-on-one productions of patient-directed projects. Patients and families can use state-of-the-art multimedia equipment to make their own creations to keep, and even share on CHOP’s interactive 24/7 patient TV network which broadcast through Seacrest Studios – CHOP’s multimedia production studio. With these services, patients can explore the creative realms of Radio, Television and New Media, that will help aid in the healing process during their hospital stay. The program provides a variety of live interactive content produced by program staff to the patients whether they are physically in studio or watching at bedside. The Patient Media and Broadcasting Program has continued to serve as an entertaining and therapeutic distraction for patients and families while engaging them in media arts therapy interventions.

What is Galaxy 51?

galaxy 51 logo Galaxy 51 is the patient television network found on channel 51 of any CHOP television. Patients and families can participate in LIVE shows from the Hospital bedside by dialing 5-5555 on any CHOP phone or by visiting Seacrest Studios — a multimedia studio located in the Main Hospital’s Colket Atrium. Galaxy 51 and Seacrest Studios are part of Child Life’s Media Programs.

Galaxy 51 programs and initiatives aim to be:

  • Therapeutic: Provide opportunities for children to express themselves and supports children’s coping with the healthcare experience.
  • Educational: Provide opportunities for children to learn about the Hospital environment as well as other topics.
  • Interactive: Give children the chance to become involved in various aspects of production and programming, whether or not they are able to leave their beds/rooms.
  • Entertaining: Offer programs that serve as an enjoyable distraction from the routine aspects of hospitalization.

Visiting Seacrest Studios

Seacrest Studios is for everyone*. The studio typically opens weekdays at 11 a.m. and closes at the end of live shows each day. When a crew member is in the studio, you can walk right in and learn about the equipment, help host a show, get on a mic or just enjoy watching! Some Live productions include:

  • Karaoke Studio!
    • Patients can record their own music video live in studio!
  • The Countdown!
    • A Televised radio broadcast which includes trivia, song request, and patients can be a ‘Radio DJ” in-studio or at Bedside!
  • Bingo Blast!
    • CHOP’s most popular interactive Game show! Patients play at bedside and play along to win prizes!

*Please note that per Hospital infection control policy, patients on precautions and their family members and visitors will be restricted from entering the studio.

Patient Therapeutic Projects

The Patient Media Programs team works very closely with Child Life staff in identifying patients and families who would benefit from additional one-on-one engagement as we offer professional multimedia services for patient-directed projects. These projects offer a means of therapeutic self-expression and distraction to cope with what can be very traumatic and, many times, long and isolated hospital stays.  These have included such projects as: Video, Audio and Photography projects, original show creation based on patient imagination, adaptive show hosting, short films, documentaries and more!


Throughout the year, our Patient Media and Broadcasting team distributes toy “prizes” and activities to patients as they participate in our interactive programming during their hospital stay. To support our daily patient prize giveaways please purchase items from our Patient Prize Wish List.

Internship program

The Media Programs Division of CHOP’s Child Life Department accepts applications throughout the year for its internship training program for college students. Interns participate in the production of live original shows for the Galaxy 51 network, are members of the Seacrest Studios crew, and assist in the filming of various assigned pre-produced video projects.

Learn more about the Patient Media Programs internship training.

To learn about other internship opportunities offered by Child Life, Education and Creative Arts Therapy, please visit our Professional Education Opportunities page.

Interested in volunteering?

If you are interested in assisting patients and families in participating with Galaxy 51 programs, but are not interested in or able to meet the requirements of the internship program, you may want to consider volunteering.