iKnowUshould2 Campaign

A new movement has Philadelphia teens urging their peers who are sexually active to take control of their health by getting routine screenings for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In addition to increasing awareness of the importance of testing, the “I Know U Should 2” campaign is intended to improve teens’ access to sexual health information and lessen some of the fears and barriers surrounding STI testing. Teens in Philadelphia are five times more likely to have Chlamydia than other teens in the United States.

The movement, launched by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, relies heavily on social media to both spread the message and foster honest, respectful conversation among peers, with some moderation and advice from trained health workers when needed. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest will all host “iKnowUshould2” channels and are designed to be mobile.

Please refer to the campaign's website at www.iknowUshould2.com for more information.