Neurodevelopmental Disorders Consultation Clinic

For children and adolescents with psychiatric problems and behavioral issues associated with neurodevelopmental disorders, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia offers the Neurodevelopmental Disorders Consultation Clinic (NDCC). Our clinic is here to provide recommendations on medications that can be used as part of a larger treatment plan with the goal of improving your child’s quality of life.

The NDCC provides comprehensive assessment of children with Tourette syndrome and other movement disorders, ADHD, social learning disorders (including autism spectrum disorder (ASD)), complex learning disabilities, genetic disorders, traumatic brain injury, seizures and related conditions. 

The psychiatrists on the NDCC team will assess your child and provide treatment recommendations that address any psychiatric difficulties that may be interfering with day to day life. Our clinic is staffed by a second year CAP Fellow with direct supervision provided by Anthony L. Rostain, PhD.

Making an appointment

When you call to request an appointment, we will first conduct an intake screening over the phone. This includes asking you some questions about your child's development and their prior evaluations, and about the reason you are seeking this evaluation..

When your intake screening is complete, and appointment is scheduled, you will be given  a pre-visit information packet to complete and bring to your first NDCC appointment.

What to expect

The initial visit will last about 2 ½ hours. Here’s what you can expect:

  • We will review patient/family history, medical status and current psychosocial functioning.
  • We will conduct interviews with your child and other family members to understand the impact that your child’s problems are having on their school performance, peer relationships, family interactions and sense of self-worth. 
  • We will analyze information from standardized questionnaires and, where appropriate, from prior psychological testing.
  • We will review past medical and psychological treatment records and speak to healthcare providers who are currently involved in your child’s care.

A summary of the consultation will be provided during a follow-up visit where impressions are shared and treatment recommendations are offered. If appropriate, psychopharmacologic treatment is initiated at the NDCC along with other psychosocial and educational interventions that are being provided in the community where you live.