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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is committed to building the kind of world-class facilities our patients deserve. The Buerger family’s landmark $50 million gift made it possible for CHOP to honor that commitment with a facility that opened in 2015 and set a new standard for pediatric outpatient care: the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care.

Doctor and patient family during a visit at the Buerger Center The Buerger family’s support inspired 4,600 donors — more than 1,300 of them CHOP employees — to also give to the building’s construction fund, which constituted a capital portion of the larger campaign For Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs.

This extraordinary building has served hundreds of thousands of families from all over the region, country and world. These families experienced the most state-of-the-art facility, which offers family-friendly amenities, centralized medical care, smooth and efficient visits, and access to the best and brightest in pediatrics.

The Buerger Center is a place where children receiving treatment can sit next to floor-to-ceiling windows and look out onto beautiful gardens below. “I love it here. The garden’s the best,” said one patient, 5-year-old Max, who used to spend a lot of time at the Buerger Center when he was receiving outpatient chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

To make visits as seamless as possible and to address the increasingly complex nature of outpatient medicine, the clinics are designed so all the experts a child needs are side by side. Parents and siblings find comforting amenities in the spacious, colorful indoor and outdoor areas, including a multipurpose, 14,000-square-foot roof garden for recreation, rehabilitation and respite. The building also houses the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation Patient Welcome Center and the Wawa Volunteer Center.

The Buerger Center’s eye-catching circular shape floods the GIANT Lobby and waiting areas with natural light, and also has made the building an instantly recognizable, iconic structure.

This is just one of the many stories of donor impact that happened during the campaign For Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs.

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