Testing Children for COVID-19: Resources for Test Providers

How to test children for COVID-19: Online training module

Child being tested for COVID-19 This online course aims to expand access to coronavirus testing for pediatric patients by providing clinicians who perform testing the tools and resources to support patients and their caregivers. The course is free and takes about one hour to complete. Questions? Contact communitycovidtesting@email.chop.edu

Download: Supporting Kids During Testing: Tips for Providers (PDF)

Resources for your patients

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has a large collection of resources to share with patients who present to your COVID-19 testing site. Help them prepare for the experience of drive-through testing, and arm them with tools to ease the stress of awaiting results or self-isolating.

Helping Children Understand

Screen grab of worker in PPE Drive-through Testing: Prepare Your Child

Some simple ways to prepare your child for drive-through testing for COVID-19. And a video that's made just for kids!

Is your child asking about the coronavirus? Reassure your child with simple, honest information.

Give kids a choice in what mask they wear, allow mask breaks when it's safe, and clean masks regularly.

Staying Healthy During "Sick Season"

Routine care is important, now more than ever, to avoid a collision of COVID-19 and the flu.

REMINDER FOR YOUR PATIENTS: "If you or your child develops a fever and symptoms of respiratory illness, contact your medical provider immediately. Before you go to a doctor’s office or emergency department, call ahead and tell them about your/your child’s symptoms. They will coordinate safe testing and treatment and get you the care you need."

Expert Advice on Timely Topics

Decision fatigue? Every family needs to weigh their personal and community risk factors when navigating life during the pandemic. Advice from trusted sources can help you make informed decisions. Here’s some advice from our experts.

Coping With Uncertainty

Here are five ways caregivers can make home feel safe — even during turbulent times.

By understanding your child's feelings and emotions you can help them better cope.

How to help teens cope with the impact of COVID-19 and better plan for the future.

Tips to keep you connected to friends and family during coronavirus-related restrictions.

Watch a video to learn therapeutic breathing techniques from integrative health experts at CHOP.

These guided videos and audio recordings can help create a more peaceful and restful state of mind.

Strategies and tools to reduce conflict and improve well-being in your family.

Tips to help children and teens cope with worry and find a way through their feelings.

More Resources for Families

Here are some other helpful resources developed by experts at CHOP that will help keep families informed and healthy.


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