Botox Injection

What is a botox injection?

Botox, or botulinum toxin, is a medication used to weaken a spastic muscle. An injection of botox is used in gastroenterology for the treatment of esophageal and anal achalasia, as well as for delayed stomach emptying. 

To treat esophageal achalasia or delayed stomach emptying, Botox is injected during an endoscopy and while your child is asleep by sedation or anesthesia. No preparation is necessary for injection aside from the usual preparations prior to sedation/anesthesia.

The location of the injection differs depending on your child's condition. For esophageal achalasia, the medication is injected into the bottom of the child's esophagus. For delayed stomach emptying, botox is injected into the muscle controlling the stomach exit, also known as pylorus. For anal achalasia, the medication is injected into the anal muscle.


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