Colonic Manometry

What is a colonic manometry?

Colonic manometry is a test performed to evaluate children with issues including colonic dysmotility, constipation and stool soiling (leakage). This test measures the strength of the muscle contractions inside the colon (also called the large intestine).

Your child’s colon has an important job to store and eliminate waste through muscle contractions. If it’s not working properly, your child can experience discomfort and GI motility issues.

For this test, a flexible tube is inserted through your child’s rectum into the colon. The manometry catheter is placed via a colonoscopy under general anesthesia. The tube is inserted while your child is sedated, but the test is completed when your child is awake. This test is administered by our specially trained team of physicians and nurses at the Lustgarten Center for GI Motility.


This test is only available at CHOP’s Main Campus.