Giving Thanks

You make possible the breakthroughs that improve and save child’s lives. Your generosity impacts families here and around the world.


Giving thanks

Liam: I can't wait for snow. I wanna open presents. [laughter]

Kenleigh: I can't wait to bake cookies with Nana. [laughter]

Mom: I can't wait to be back together as a family.

Anya: I can't wait for Christmas morning.

Kenleigh: Presents. I can't wait.

Jaxson: I can't wait for twinkly lights.

Boy: I can't wait to be with all of my friends and have a lot of fun singing.

Chad: Cause I get presents with my brother, my sister and my mom and dad. I can't wait.

Girl: I can't wait to go home.

Mom: We can't wait.