Preparing and Storing Formula from Powder Using Household Measurement

How to prepare and store formula from powder using household measurement.


Preparing and Storing Formula from Powder Using Household Measurement

Narrator: Your child receives a formula that needs to be prepared in a different way from the mixing instructions found on the formula can. Use the mixing chart and instructions in the handout given to you by your healthcare provider instead of the one found on the formula can. Your child's health depends on following these instructions. This video will take you through the steps to properly mix your child's formula.

First wash your hands and get your supplies ready. You will need water, a container of powder formula, a container with measurements and measuring cup indicated on your formula recipe. Check the use by date on the formula can to make sure the formula has not expired. Water used for mixing infant formula should be safe for drinking and if you are concerned about the safety of your water source, you should ask your pediatrician.

Next, add the desired amount of water to the container. Refer to the recipe provided by your healthcare professional for the correct volume of water.

Next, you will be adding the powdered formula. Using a spoon, scoop formula powder into the measuring cup indicated in your recipe. When measuring cup is full, us a straight edge to level off excessive formula. Add measured formula to water. If you have trouble keeping track of the number of cups, consider measure the powder into a separate container then adding into the water.

Refer to the formula recipe to determine whether powder should be unpacked and leveled or packed, then leveled, when measuring. Here is how you can level in a measuring cup. Here is how you can pack formula into a measuring cup.

Finally, mix the water and formula powder together. This can be done by whisking ingredients together until powder is dissolved.

Once formula is prepared, feed your child immediately or cover and store in refrigerator to prevent bacteria growth. Throw out any unused formula 24 hours after preparation. Throw out any formula that is still in the bottle 1 hour after the start of a bottle feeding or has been out of the refrigerator for more than 4 hours when given by feeding tube.

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