Speak Up For Kids: An Advocacy Animation

It's important to advocate for kids at the local, state and federal level. Your voice can help bring about healthcare policies that help children and teenagers.

This animation is brought to you by the Office of Government Affairs at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

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Speak Up For Kids: An Advocacy Animation

Girl: I can do a whole lot, but I can't vote. Will you be my voice? Speaking up does make a difference. You can be a voice for children's health and safety issues at local, state and federal levels. You can help make amazing and important things happen like: cures for pediatric disease, great medical care for kids with chronic conditions, insurance for all kids, better care for children and teenagers with mental health problems.

A lot of people want to speak up, but they're not sure how. You can reach out to your representatives in different ways, but the best way to get your message across is to call the office directly or send a short clear email you wrote yourself.

It's a great idea to connect with other people or organizations because a unified message is a stronger message. How about that? Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and a lot of other hospitals have government affairs teams full of really dedicated people who know a lot about government and policy.

If you're speaking up on behalf of CHOP, it's important to reach out to this team. They want to make sure that our message is unified, so they need to know what you're saying; and they can help you craft the most powerful message so you can make the biggest impact for kids.

The most important thing is to speak from your heart like I am when I say, thank you.

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