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The routine and Special Coagulation Laboratories at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provide comprehensive diagnostic testing for patients with bleeding and thrombotic disorders with a full menu of specialized and routine evaluations. We were among the first in the nation to offer chromogenic Factor VIII inhibitor assays for patients on emicizumab. We have a dedicated and skilled staff with specialized concentration in coagulation testing and many of our assays are available with turn-around times of 72 hours or less (STAT testing can also be arranged by calling the special coagulation laboratory at 215-590-1778). In addition to our routine coagulation assays such as PT/INR, PTT, Fibrinogen, D-Dimer, unfractionated and low molecular weight heparin Anti-Xa, and VerifyNow, which are offered on a 24 x 7 basis, we offer a variety of special coagulation assays listed below:

Chromogenic Factor VIII Inhibitor

Chromogenic Factor VIII activity

  • Factor II
  • Factor V
  • Factor VII   
  • Factor VIII  
  • Factor IX
  • Factor X
  • Factor XII   
  • Factor XI     
  • Factor VIII Inhibitor (modified Nijmegen-Bethesda Assay)      
  • Factor XIII
  • vonWillebrand Factor Antigen
  • Factor IX Inhibitor
  • Protein S Functional and Total
  • Protein C Activity
  • Thromboelastograph and Platelet Mapping
  • vonWillebrand Factor Activity
  • Dilute Russel Viper Venom Time
  • Comprehensive Platelet Function Panel
  • Dilute Thrombin Time (therapeutic monitoring of thrombin inhibitors)
  • Thrombin Time
  • Abnormal Coag Workup (for workup for prolonged PT/PTT)
  • vonWillebrand Factor Multimers
  • Antithrombin
  • Inhibitor Screen


Main Building, 5th Floor, Room 5141


24 hours/day, 7 days/week

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Hematology Lab
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Main Building, 5th Floor
Room 5141 3401 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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