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CHOP Researchers Use Lab-Grown “Mini-Intestines” to Study Inner Lining of Gastrointestinal Tract for Crohn’s Disease Patients

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Researchers from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) confirmed that “mini-intestines” generated from patient tissue samples and grown in a lab can accurately replicate certain features of Crohn’s disease, which will allow them to study the epithelium, the thin layer of cells lining the intestine, that is broken down in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. 

The Next Frontier of Care for VEO-IBD

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Very early onset inflammatory bowel disease was virtually unheard of just a decade ago. Today, a variety of personalized therapies exist, and potential curative gene therapies are on the horizon.

Motility Case Study

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When rumination and gastroparesis collide in patients at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a personalized treatment plan is developed.

Pancreatic Case Study

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Continued surveillance after pancreatic solid pseudopapillary tumor and pancreatic insufficiency is important – even after treatment.