Division of Rheumatology Patient Stories

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Lupus Nephritis: Emily's Story

Emily and her sister

When Emily experienced sudden fatigue, bruises and fevers, her family turned to CHOP. Within days, she was diagnosed with lupus nephritis and began treatment.

Lupus Nephritis: Indya's Story

Indya smiling

In the midst of COVID-19, Indya began experiencing painful swelling and stiff joints – symptoms of lupus, a severe, autoimmune disease.

Rare Genetic Muscle Condition: Sadie


After a five-year journey, a new test by the Roberts Individualized Medicine Genetics Center diagnosed Sadie’s rare genetic muscle condition.

NLRC-4 Mutation: Olivia’s Story

Patient Olivia

Jill DiStefano shares her family’s story of heartbreak and hope when they learned daughter Olivia had a rare genetic mutation of NLRC-4 — one that only a few children in the world have. Thankfully, a team of CHOP specialists were able to unlock the mystery about how best to care for this little girl.