Heart Failure and Transplant Program

When your child’s heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the needs of his body’s developing organs, he’s said to be experiencing heart failure. Heart failure in children can be a frightening diagnosis, but there are options available for managing this condition and delaying disease progression. The pediatric cardiac experts in the Heart Failure and Transplant Program have extensive experience treating heart failure in children of all ages. Our goal is to investigate all of the available options that could improve your child's health and quality of life, including medication therapy, the use of a ventricular assist device and heart transplantation.

CHOP’s 300th Heart Transplant Patient: Gabo’s Story

Why Choose Us?

We take a collaborative, family-centered approach to caring for children with heart failure. The members of this team work together to ensure that every patient receives the most appropriate care for their stage of heart failure.

Transplant Patients and COVID-19

Information about COVID-19 vaccine responses in transplantation is rapidly evolving. Because vaccines are critical to containing further spread of the pandemic, there has been interest in optimizing vaccine responses in vulnerable populations, including solid organ transplant recipients.

Please refer to these resources from the CDC for patients who are immunocompromised:

Traveling to Philadelphia

If you are anxious about traveling to Philadelphia, we're here to support you. View our resources for patients and families to learn more information about preparing for your appointment, a guide to procedures, overnight and extended hospital stays, where to stay, billing and insurance, and a video about what to expect

Our Team

Our pediatric heart transplant team is experienced in providing the full range of cardiovascular support to infants and children of all ages. Each individual on this team works together to provide the best chance for a successful transplant.