Heart Failure and Transplant Program Patient Stories

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Heart Transplant: Jayden's Story

Jayden’s Story

Vomiting and swollen legs led to a shocking diagnosis: Jayden’s heart was failing. A heart transplant at CHOP has transformed his life.

Heart Transplant: Makai’s Story

Makai talking on the phone

A diagnosis of heart failure stunned Makai and his family. After a heart transplant and many dire health emergencies, he’s back to being an energetic teen.

Heart Transplant: Tenlee's Story

family portrait on bed

Tenlee was 3 days old when her family learned reconstructive surgery wouldn't be enough to save her life — she needed a new heart.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Cherish’s Story

adolescent female cardiac patient

Cherish’s rare and extremely serious heart condition went undiagnosed for years. CHOP experts gave Cherish and her family, at first, hope, and then a new heart.