Cancer Predisposition Program Patient Stories

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DICER1 Syndrome: Ellie’s Story

Ellie at a window

With a genetic disorder that increases her risk of developing tumors, Ellie is seen regularly at the Cancer Predisposition Program.

WAGR Syndrome: Miranda’s Story

Miranda playing outside

CHOP researchers have published the most comprehensive description of WAGR syndrome, which affects less than 450 people worldwide, including Miranda.

Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome and Cancer: Finn’s Story


Diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that predisposed him to developing cancer, Finn spent the first four months of his life at CHOP, where he survived heart surgery, abdominal surgery, liver cancer and chemotherapy.

Hereditary Neuroblastoma: Edie’s Story


After spending most of her life being treated for neuroblastoma, it seemed that 18-month-old Edie had run out of options. Her family turned to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where an experimental treatment changed the course of this little girl’s life.