Homeless Health Initiative Volunteer Stories

Learn how some of our many wonderful volunteers are helping families experiencing homelessness and supporting the Homeless Health Initiative and its programs.

Gabriel Grove's Story

After experiencing homelessness first-hand, Gabriel found a calling in helping to plan the first HHI Keys to Success Job Fair for families experiencing homelessness.

Dianna Maiorano's Story

Dianna Maiorano, MBA, sees volunteering with the Homeless Health Initiative as an opportunity to build positive memories for children and families living in homeless shelters.

Joel and Stephanie Markel's Story

Joel and Stephanie Markel were the first supporters of the Homeless Health Initiative, a program run by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia that provides healthcare at homeless shelters in Philadelphia.

Sally Poliwoda's Story

Volunteer Sally Poliwoda, BSN, RN, educates and advocates for families experiencing homelessness she meets as part of the Homeless Health Initiative at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Samantha Fitzhugh and Lateek Harrison's Story

Volunteers Samantha Fitzhugh and Lateek Harrison work together to provide help to families experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia through the Homeless Health Initiative at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Sandy and Stephen Sheller's Story

The Homeless Health Initiative was able to pilot the Healthy Baby Project in 2012 with support from Sandy and Stephen Sheller and the Sheller Family Foundation.

Supporting Bucks County

The pandemic has highlighted that homelessness occurs in communities beyond Philadelphia and therefore CHOP's HHI has an obligation to support the homeless shelters we serve across the region.

Vanessa Johnson's Story

Volunteer Vanessa Johnson was motivated to start a back-to-school supply drive for children living in shelters affiliated with CHOP's Homeless Health Initiative.