Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Since we first opened our doors in 1855, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has pioneered dozens of discoveries that continue to benefit children worldwide. Today, the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (OEI) is helping bring the next generation of breakthroughs into the world.  

The OEI is responsible for creating an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the organization and helping CHOP team members turn early stage ideas into reality. From new drugs and therapies to software, medical devices and mobile apps, the OEI is identifying and promoting innovations that:

  • Improve patient care and outcomes
  • Reduce the costs of healthcare for patient families
  • Tackle problems associated with chronic disease

The Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is also fostering strategic partnerships, both within and outside CHOP. Bringing together companies and dedicated Children’s Hospital team members allows the Office to leverage the experience and talent of each partner in order to develop concepts that are successful on a large scale.

One way we are doing this is through CHOP's Office of Technology Transfer, Commercialization & Innovation (OTT). The OEI and OTT work together to transfer CHOP discoveries, products and services to companies that can positively impact healthcare and help patients around the world.

Our team

  • Zev Sunleaf
    VP, Office of Technology Transfer, Commercialization and Innovation
  • Thomas Privette, PhD
    Head, Global Business Development & External Partnering
  • Flaura Winston, PhD, MD
    Scientific Advisor
  • Paul Dehel
    Venture and Innovation Manager
  • Kelsey Oh
    Venture and Innovation Analyst
  • Josh Nicklas
    Venture and Innovation Analyst


Next Steps