Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Student Clinical Rotations

About the position

Clinical rotation at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is a critical component of Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) Programs with our affiliated universities. The rotation provides MLS students with an in-person educational exposure to the inner workings of a professional clinical laboratory, with a goal of practical application and integration of didactic knowledge toward patient-oriented care. Students rotating through the clinical laboratories will focus on technical skills required for laboratory operations in a clinical setting, under the guidance of an experienced professional medical laboratory scientist. The objectives for these clinical rotations are two-fold: to prepare students with hands-on experience of working in a patient-care focused laboratory and fostering learning in connecting theory from classes with practical applications in a clinical laboratory environment.

Students will develop competency in:

  • Professional practice as a medical laboratory scientist
  • Safe and responsible practices when working with laboratory equipment
  • Accurate interpretation of diagnostic laboratory results

What to expect when you’re at CHOP

Students are assigned to the Core Laboratory (chemistry or hematology section), Infectious Disease Diagnostics Laboratory (microbiology and virology) or the Blood Bank. Rotations are four weeks long, and students are on-site for eight hours each day, rotating through different areas within the lab to which they are assigned. Students participate in laboratory huddles and other educational activities and may also receive exposure to other specialty laboratories (including Clinical Immunology and Metabolic & Advanced Diagnostic laboratories).


Students must be in good standing and enrolled in an MLS program with an established CHOP affiliated university. Each MLS program may have different GPA requirements. Currently, CHOP maintains partnerships with University of Delaware, Thomas Jefferson University and Neumann University.


How do I apply for a clinical rotation?

MLS students interested in a clinical rotation at CHOP should reach out to Vipul Shah for additional information. Clinical rotation placements are coordinated between CHOP and the corresponding MLS program at an affiliated university where the student is enrolled.

Is this a paid position?

No, clinical rotations confer educational credit that go towards a student’s enrolled MLS program.

Can I express interest in a specific laboratory for the clinical rotation?

Placement for clinical rotation is typically determined by the MLS program coordinator and/or program director. Preferences can be given and can be honored depending on availability of the laboratory.