Your Child's Pediatric Epilepsy Program Appointment

Welcome to the Pediatric Epilepsy Program, part of CHOP’s Neuroscience Center. If you are concerned that your child is having episodes that may or may not be seizures, and a definite diagnosis has not yet been made, or if your child has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy and has been started on seizure medication but is not under the care of a neurologist:

  • Call 215-590-1719 to schedule a new patient appointment with a Pediatric Epilepsy Program care provider
  • Expect an electroencephalogram (EEG) to be scheduled just prior to your new patient appointment
  • Bring all outside medical records and home video if a seizure event was captured

Outpatient consultations for epilepsy second opinions

If your child is already under the care of a neurologist for seizures or epilepsy and you are interested in receiving a second opinion from a neurologist in CHOP's Neuroscience Center specializing in seizures and epilepsy, please call 215-590-1719. Appointments can be offered at our Main Campus in Philadelphia as well as at several satellite sites in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

When scheduling a second opinion or transfer of care to CHOP's Neuroscience Center, you will be asked to forward the following information to us:

  • Medical records from treating neurologists, including any records from genetics, metabolism or other relevant specialists
  • Reports of outside EEGs, MRIs and other diagnostic studies. Unless specifically requested, we do not need the actual EEG tracings or MRI films from outside facilities at the time of the initial visit.
  • All documents can be sent to us by fax or email:

Some U.S. residents may be eligible for an online second opinion consultation, which is only allowed in certain states.

Please follow the instructions listed here, and call us with any questions. Expect a CHOP EEG to be performed immediately prior to the initial consultation, even if you had a recent EEG performed locally.

Scheduled inpatient admissions

Video EEG is performed in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) to aid the diagnosis of seizures and to record brain activity in patients with known epilepsy. This test helps us guide treatment for each patient.

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